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Who Will Win The 2009 Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam Championship?

Who Will Win The 2009 Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam Championship?

Dinara Safina will go into the Australian Open ranked as the #2 players. Dinara is the sister of Grand Slam winner, Marat Safin. She won three singles titles in 2009 bringing her career total to 10. It appears that he has difficulty in Grand Slam situations as well as could not certainly be a threat with players for that Australian Open Championship.

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This will be the the lead widens a small amount. The country with the fifth most women's Grand Slam singles titles is Canada. Germany has won a women's Grand Slam singles title 27 times. Cily Aussem won two for your Germans really of the entire content of them fall under Steffi Graf.

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King isn't done along with her singles title and left on to advance to the finals with the women's doubles finals. She teamed against Betty Stove and played against Francoise Durr and Judy Tegart-Dalton. She was previously again victorious as she and Stove put away their opponents by a score of 6-2, 4-6, 6-3.

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